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My baby is early rising, what can I do to get more sleep!

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Picture this; It's 5 a.m., and it's still dark outside. Instead of peacefully sleeping, you're woken by the crying baby in the room next door. Frustrated and utterly exhausted you drag out of bed wishing for just a few more hours of precious sleep...

Sound familiar?

If you're nodding along, you're not alone. Early rising is one of the most common challenges exhausted parents face, and it's often the reason they reach out to me for help.

Let's be real—early rising is tough. That early start leaves everyone in the house exhausted the prospect of trying to salvage a good day of naps seems like an impossible task. Where do you even begin making a nap routine after a morning wake-up call THAT early? I get it. I understand how frustrating it is, but I'm here to help.

So, keep reading to dive into the possible reasons why your child is waking early, practical solutions to get you more sleep in those precious early hours and answering your pressing early rising questions.


Early rising is defined as a wake-up call before 6 a.m.

During the hours between 3-6 a.m, your baby is in their lightest stage of sleep, making them more prone to waking up. So, anything from hunger to a noisy neighbour or a leaky nappy could be the cause of your early start.

Finding the reason WHY your baby is waking early is the first step to getting more sleep. That's something we deep dive in the The Ultimate Guide To Early Rising 🌅 -- find out more here --

I'm not going into the nitty gritty of early morning wakes here in this blog. That's all in the masterclass above ⬆️. Today, I'm here to answer your burning questions about Early Rising.

Does My Baby Really Need A Dark Room?

Absolutely! A dark room tells your baby's body its still sleep time. Even the slightest bit of light creeping in can tell your baby's brain to wake up. Investing in blackout blinds will help.

Expert tip Not got the budget for blackout blinds? Cardboard/tinfoil work great. If you

are looking for an amazing solution, Sleepy Sundays do an amazing blackout material for

every window. Check them out (Use discount code 0CuKRO2)

Will White Noise Help My Baby Sleep Longer In The Morning?

White noise can be a game changer for your sleep, especially in those early hours. It helps drown out sounds that we as adults may have learnt to sleep through. But your baby, and their light sleep at 3-6 am may be more easily woken. When they wake listen out for noise that may have disturbed them - can you hear noisy neighbours, a barking dog, a banging blind, the garbage truck, dad going to work etc.

Expert tip Use a solid white/brown noise. Lullabies can interrupt sleep as it stimulates baby's brain. I highly recommend Glow Dreaming as an all in one machine you will never need to replace! We loved ours! (Get the benefit of a discount using the code ENHANCE10)

Is My Baby Waking Early Because They Are Hungry?

It's possible yes, but is it the cause of every early rise, unlikely. Review baby's 24 hour solids and milk intake to determine if hunger is the potential cause. If your baby is taking most of their calories over night you may need to make some dramatic changes to their feeding routine. I can help with that.

Expert tip If you are worried about feeding, offering a dream feed could be a simple solution to put you back in control of that early wake up.

Will Keeping My Baby Up Late Stop Them Early Rising?

It may sound counter-intuitive (everything about baby's sleep is!) but a late bedtime DOES NOT result in a later morning wake time! Quite the opposite. Tired children actually wake earlier in the morning! Ouch! I will let that sit for a minute! Experiment with bedtime until you find what works best for your baby. After 7 years of working with thousands of tired families I have routines designed to help your baby sleep well. Follow the routine here for a week and see your naps, nights and early rising improve.

Could an Early Bedtime Lead to Even Earlier Wake-ups for Baby?

I get it, baby sleep is really confusing!? While we've talked about how a late bedtime might contribute to early rising, tucking your little one in too early could also be to blame!

Let's keep it simple: most children can manage around 11-12 hours asleep at night. According to the science of sleep, a normal bedtime should fall between 6-8pm. Straying too far from this could be putting unrealistic expectations on your child's overnight capability and cause your early rising. Expert tip; Experiment with the timing of bedtime to find what works best for your baby.

Are My Baby's Naps Causing Our Early Rising Issue?

Too much day sleep, not enough day sleep... it's a minefield out there! Let's unpack the role that naps might be playing in your little one's early rising.

Short naps leave a baby too tired to sleep all night long, leading to early rising. Lengthy naps can exhaust baby's desire to sleep well, waking baby from a nap longer than 2-3 hours (depending on the age) could stop your early rising.

Finding the right balance of day sleep can be tricky. That's why I've created age-appropriate routines to take the guesswork out of nap time. These routines are designed to help your baby sleep well. Download them here ⬇️ and follow them, like glue, for the next 7-14 days. Your early rising should slowly disappear 💫 6-12 months milk, solids and sleep routines

Is Early rising Just A Phase?

Some kids love to throw a spanner in the works and rise early when they are going through a big developmental leaps. Practice their new skills in their awake time and be reassured this early rise is unlikely to stick around once they have consolidated their new skills.

What Can I Do To Fix Early Rising? I Am So Tired 💤

Navigating early rising and its potential causes, can feel overwhelming for any parent. But remember, you're not alone in wanting more sleep. By understanding the impact of your baby's naps and sleep environment you can pave the way for longer lie ins for your family. Whether it's downloading my routines, jumping into the Ultimate Guide To Early Morning Wakes class, or booking support from me as a sleep consultant, know there are ways to help your baby sleep better, you just need the right advice. Are you ready to say hello to a 6-7am start?

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