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Sleep Routines 6 - 12  months
  • Sleep Routines 6 - 12 months

    Are you unsure of your baby's age appropriate sleep?

    Do you want your baby to sleep well?


    Do you know your baby's wake windows but have no idea how to make a routine work?


    We have done the work for you. This download includes a monthly routine for every age 6-12 months. 

    Find out the age appropriate wake windows, nap totals, number of naps and a scheudle to follow. 


    You will also learn the feeding and solids recommendations for each age and stage. You will not be disappointed with this amazing all-in-one resource.

    This is the ultimate scheudle for your baby in your first year.

    Download and implement these today. 

    This download contains a PDF file of sleep routines aged 6-12 months 


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