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Must have products to help your baby sleep better - from a Midwife and Sleep Expert!

I am on a mission to stop the overwhelm when it comes to your baby’s sleep. The overwhelm often starts long before your baby arrives. The baby shops are filled with products you “must” buy for your baby, some with BIG promises (often empty promises too!)

I have researched, tried and tested some of the best sleep products to ensure you have invested in the best sleep possible.

These game changing products are some of my favourites to help your household sleep soundly.

Black Out Blinds

Having a dark room has been proven by research to improve sleep (yours and your children’s) but there are a number of not so effective blackout blinds on the market!

Having tried A LOT I can guarantee success using Sleepy Sundays blinds.

Use the code 0CuKRO2 to get a discount!

White Noise

If you are struggling with sleep, whether its a newborn, toddler or big kid this is THE product you need. Some parents flinch at the price, but I can guarantee the lifespan of this machine will return your investment. All to often I hear clients buying multiple white noise machines and nightlights that “just keep breaking”. This all in one machine provides value for money and lasts and lasts! In addition to the nightlight and white noise function it has an inbuilt humidifier for all you sleepy oil using mamas and amazing when kids are sick and congested.

Use the code ENHANCE10 for a discount off your order

Night Light

Night lights do NOT help sleep, in fact many of the lights sold at your local baby store have a white/blue light in them which is proven to worsen your sleep! Know the light on a Glow dreaming device has been research proven to help your child sleep better. Whether it is for those middle of the night feeding, nappy changes or a toddler struggling with nightmares, this is the light for you.

Use the code ENHANCE10 for a discount off your order


I am a midwife and for over 20 years I have seen the benefits of swaddles. For centuries we have swaddled babies to encourage better sleep. Why? Because it works. Life inside the womb was compact. Your newborn will feel safer and sleep better and startle less (moro reflex) if you swaddle them well. Swaddles nowadays profess all sorts, but with the right technique a large cotton cloth can do the job. But I know my years of midwifery has taught effective swaddling that isnt always as easy to replicate at 2am with your wriggling baby! If you want something a little more reliable that Houdini himself couldn’t escape you cannot go past the love to dream swaddles. These swaddles grow with your baby and offer a simple solution to the transition from a swaddle to a sleeping bag when baby starts to roll at around 4-6 months.

Feeding Support

If you have the need for any feeding support there is only one place to turn - Haaka. As a first time mum who had a fast letdown I wasted volumes of milk into breast pads and towels. I was amazed to find (and use) the Haaka silicone breast pump. It is affordable, easy to use and collects milk effortlessly. This product should be on EVERY breastfeeding mums to buy list. This amazing company have now extended their rage to support your little one through teething, solids and weaning.

Use the code ENHANCE10 for a discount off your order

Cot Choices

I will admit to wanting that Pinterest picture perfect nursery. My baby’s room was a storage room before it was a nursery and I was on a mission to make it pretty. I will never regret the purchase of our Leander cot. It is BEAUTIFUL. It is a cot that grows with your baby and converts to the cutest toddler bed (0-7 years). This cot was so well made we used it for both my children and sold it for a similar price to the original purchase. It is so beautiful and the quality is visible, even after 8 years of use it still looked new! You won’t regret this quality purchase.

Baby Carrier

When it comes to sleep every parent needs a great baby carrier. That hands free, on the go sleep is ESSENTIAL. There are a number of terrible and unsafe carriers on the market. Looking after your back, and ensuring your baby is safe is vital for your family. You must not look past the Ergo baby. I used the 360 from newborn to toddler hood and both my husband and I found it so comfortable and easy to use.

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