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Let's make it simple

Can parenting be easier and more enjoyable?

Absolutely!  Let me introduce The Gentle Sleep Tribe; A membership designed to simplify the world of baby sleep. 

I'm Tessa, a midwife and sleep consultant on a mission to help you love motherhood again. 

Together we can say goodbye to exhaustion and overwhelm and say hello to sleep, support and confidence.

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With the right support, 
Anything is possible

When you become a member of our tribe you will get; 


You will be welcomed into the membership with instant access to high quality sleep education. Resources, videos, guides and PDF’s are all yours when you join. Regular emails will land in your inbox with age specific tips and tricks for your little one. 


You don’t need a degree in sleep science to sleep well. You just need the right expert advice. As a member you are invited to join our monthly live Q&A calls to dive deep and solve your sleep issues. 


You are no longer alone navigating the million unknowns of life as a parent. You get instant access to an exclusive Facebook group. Lean on an amazing community of mums, just like you, to support you on this journey.

  This  IS  for you if

You are tired of reading conflicting advice and need a guide who knows what they are doing. Tessa is a midwife, breastfeeding expert, qualified sleep consultant and follows science-based sleep advice. 

You are looking for more support - They say it takes a village to raise a child let us be that village; a sisterhood of women just like you. 

You need a mentor who creates a safe space, guides you and gives you the tools you need at every stage of your parenting journey.

You need affordable sleep options that work.  Enhance Sleep uses science based sleep advice that actually works. I don't have a magic wand, it still takes consistency and effort but it's so worth it! 

You are a time poor, busy mum who doesn't have the time or energy to trawl through the books, online blogs and forums for sleep advice. Or you are pregnant/trying for a baby and want the education BEFORE sleep issues arise. Content will be provided on a monthly basis to ensure we aren't overwhelming you. 

You are bored of being consumed by baby sleep. Yes that's right, we could make sleep conversation a thing of the past! Oh except for how much you will be raving about our membership to everyone 🎉

Sounds amazing?

You bet it is!  This is a no brainer. If you are a mum, this affordable, supportive community is for you. Click the link below to save your spot as a member before the prices and inclusions change.

Happy Baby

You deserve to love your parenting journey 

Are you struggling to "enjoy every moment" of parenting?  

With my first child I was broken, exhausted and struggling because of sleep 
deprivation. I didn't have the support or the sleep help I needed. It was hard and lonely.

It is now my mission to help as many mums avoid a similar experience... I want you to LOVE motherhood. And it all starts with sleep AND support.

The Gentle Sleep Tribe is so much more than a course log in and a bunch of sleep tips... this is layers of support and education to help you progress to your goals easier, faster and with much less stress. 

The gentle sleep tribe is my way of reaching ALL you mammas. This is INCLUSIVE... all you have to be is a MUM. 

What will we cover in this Tribe membership?

✅ Age Appropriate Sleep Needs

✅ Settling Techniques

✅ Setting Up a Perfect Sleep Environment 

✅ Reducing Night Feeds

✅ Bedtime Routines

✅ Newborn Witching Hours

✅ Nap Routines

Gentle Settling

✅ Weaning

✅ Sleep Training

✅ Age Appropriate Feeding

✅ Regressions

✅ Transitions

✅ Self Care

✅ Early Rising

✅ Mumlife

✅ Catnaps

And so much more....

Your pathway to sleep success is, 
already mapped out

The Gentle Sleep Tribe will walk you through each stage towards amazing sleep

Stage 1 -  Sleep Starter 

You may be feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Your baby does not settle easily and wakes often. You don't know how to help your baby sleep well. You are ready to get started.

Stage 2 -  Shaping Sleep 

You understand the foundations to healthy sleep but are struggling with implementation. Your baby's sleep still feels erratic and every day is different. In this stage you are shaping a plan towards better sleep.

TGST stage 3.png

Stage 3 -  Starting To Sleep 

You are doing the work and are excited to feel a positive shift. Baby is now starting to settle quicker and sleep for longer stretches. You are starting to sleep! 

TGST stage 4.png

Stage 4 -  Sleep Star

You are sleeping! You feel rested, empowered, confident and happy! You are parenting more positively and loving this journey. You are a sleep star!

TGST stage 5.png

Stage 5 -  Enhanced Parenting

You feel confident but know this is an ongoing process - babies aren't robots. Baby's nights and naps are consistent.  Your whole family is benefiting from this extra sleep. This is Enhanced Parenting!

Where do you sit on our pathway to  
sleep success?

Do you find yourself nodding and feeling seen with the characteristics of one particular stage?

Do you see the end stage and wish so much for your family to be there?

The focus of this pathway to sleep success is making progress... at your own pace. I know you are a busy, time-poor mum. This is about progress FORWARD no matter how fast/slow you go.

And the best bit, you have a cheer squad behind you ever step of the way 

  What  Next? 

Don't wait, join this amazing Tribe of mums, just like you TODAY!

Frequently asked questions

  • Is this like a one-on-one consultation
    This is not one-on-one coaching. It is possible to book a one-on-one session with me via the "Book online" section of our website. The Gentle Sleep Tribe is a group experience providing 1️⃣ Sleep content in the form of email tips and tricks, video, masterclasses, guides, PDF, checklists, challenges and charts 2️⃣ Monthly live Q&A 3️⃣ Exclusive members Facebook community
  • Is there an age limit to the membership?
    TGST welcomes members who are pregnant and wanting to be prepared through to 2 years of age. We are here to support you every step of the way. If your child is 2-6 years old the membership model may not be as useful . Tessa would love to work one-on-one with you. Book a FREE call in the "Book Online" section of our website.
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    You are not locked in to any contract. There is no pressure to stay if your circumstances change. MONTHLY - your membership renews every month. You can cancel at any time. No further monthly payments will be taken once cancelled. YEARLY - your membership renews every year. You can cancel at any time. No further yearly payments will be taken once cancelled. Please note we do not offer pro-rata or refunds.

 Stop the "What If"  worries

What if... 

We travel, baby gets ill, teeth appear, regressions happen.

Stop that worry and join The Gentle Sleep Tribe.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

No locked in contract, Your plan renews automatically

No refunds or pro-rata available

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