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Struggling with short naps and broken nights? The answer is here!

Baby naps and sleep challenges are the most talked about topic in parenting circles.

For any parents struggling with sleep the solution lies in one thing - age appropriate wake windows. Short naps are usually caused by over or under tiredness. Let’s break this down and find the solution to your short naps.

What are awake windows?

You may have heard of the term awake window but what does it mean and does it really matter?

A wake window is the time when your baby wakes, to when they are next asleep. This includes all feeds, nappy changes and play time. It is THE most important element to help your child sleep better.

Why do awake windows matter?

A baby wakes up and builds pressure to sleep well as the minutes tick over.

If your baby naps too soon, there won’t be enough pressure to sleep well and they take a short nap.

If your baby napped too late they would have built too much sleep pressure, released stress hormones to keep them awake and then can’t switch off properly - so they take a short nap.



But sleep doesn’t need to be stressful. Knowing your baby’s age appropriate wake windows is the answer.

When do I start following wake windows?

Wake windows matter from day one. Newborns are particularly susceptible to over tiredness and overstimulation. If you have/have had a newborn you may know about colic, purple crying or the witching hours. These are often linked to long, stimulating days without adequate naps.

How much awake time does my baby need?

Want more? Enhance sleep is all about reducing your stress and overwhelm. Download my routines for age appropriate sleep advice and a routine you can follow from today!

If you are struggling with short naps the best place to start when finding a solution is your baby’s awake time. A child being kept awake too long, or not long enough is almost guaranteed to take a short nap. The more consistently this happens the more chronic catnapping issue arise. Break the cycle of catnaps by ensuring your child is on age appropriate awake windows, naps and nap totals.

What Clients are saying about our sleep routines:

“The short naps and those hourly wakes were so hard. We were feeding all night and my daughter just never seemed to be able to sleep well. I had assumed she was hungry but with Tessa’s advice and the use of her routine download I have discovered she was so overtired she couldn’t sleep well. Since using Tessa’s routines we have dramatically reduced our wake ups over night and for the first time ever she slept for over an hour!” - Kate and Elsie.

“These simple and easy to read routines have helped our family so much. As a first time mum with no support I struggled to know when my baby should be sleeping. These guides have worked a dream! We are getting longer naps and no wake up’s over night. Thank you Tessa”

If you are looking for support on the other side of a consultation with Enhance Sleep is rested, functioning families.

Take the first step towards healthy sleep habits by contacting me today.

Come join me on Instagram @enhancesleep to see sleep tips, solve your sleep issues and hear of upcoming promotions and consultation availability. Don't miss out. Our free tips could solve your sleep issues!


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