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gentle sleep specialist
midwife and gentle sleep expert

Motherhood is a journey you just can’t understand until you do it yourself. We were all perfect parents, until these kids arrived!!  


In reality parenting can feel beautiful, chaotic and very messy at times. You know the feeling right?

Well, you’re in good company. 


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With twenty years of experience in midwifery and sleep consulting, my mission has been clear from the start: to support new parents. But let me be honest - I thought it would be easy, after so long working as a midwife.


I couldn’t have been more wrong. I struggled hard when my premature and refluxing baby refused to sleep. I felt like a total failure, and the toll on my marriage and mental health was undeniable.


It wasn’t how I pictured my parenting journey to be. 

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Then came the turning point -  I sleep trained. Suddenly, mum life felt not only manageable but genuinely more enjoyable. We started working as a team and my marriage felt less resentment and more supportive than ever.  My brain was less of a scramble, and returning to work felt possible. Things were on the up! 

For the first time since the baby was born I felt positive. 

Emerging from relentless sleep deprivation motivated me to help other mums sleep better and feel better. 

On the surface, Enhance Sleep helps tired parents sleep. But my mission goes way beyond that. I firmly believe the early years of parenting shouldn’t be lost to a blur of exhaustion, anxiety and overwhelm.  I’ve got big plans to support your family to have more good days than bad. Parenting, as challenging as it may be, doesn’t have to feel THIS hard. 


So if you find yourself having an ugly cry in the shower (IYKYK), know you are not alone. Drop me an email and when I say I get it, I really do. You only get one shot at being a parent… let’s make it amazing. 


This isn’t about cry-it-out. It’s about placing your family at the centre of our consultation and formulating a plan as unique as your family. Get ready to feel seen, heard and supported as you learn tools to help you not only sleep better, but parent with more confidence.  This is motherhood, supported. 

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Kirstie loved Enhance Sleep because...

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"5 *  Our lives are back on track. We are happier now with much sleep!"

My Values


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Parenting is hard enough already without the judgment and criticism. 
Sure there are perfect parents out there... they just haven't had kids yet!!!
Through years of midwifery and sleep I have seen and heard it all. 
There are no bad habits. 
Hold your head high, you're doing an amazing job. Your child's sleep does not define you as a parent. 


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Do you know the qualifications of your sleep consultant? Trust when booking with me I'm not only a certified sleep consultant but also a midwife with vast experience. All my methods are based on the science of sleep and nurture the parent-child bond. Work with the science of sleep and bedtime battles are gone, no cry it out in sight. I will never tell you to wean or demand baby sleeps in a separate bedroom. This is sleep done YOUR way. Gentle methods work, fact. 


baby sleep consultant


baby sleep consultant
Mamma you are tired. Weeks or months of sleep habits aren't likely to be undone in a day (despite what other consultants may promise!). If you haven't got the energy to do this alone book a package with support ensures we transform your sleep together. I'm here to listen, support, debrief, cheer you on. Feel empowered and back in control in your parenting. 


"For ten months I have responded to my baby. I was not about to leave him to cry and 'work it out himself'. But those hourly wakes were breaking me. I liked that Tessa supported our desire for a gentle solution. We achieved our sleep goals and learn so much along the way. Tessa's empathetic approach has changed my opinion of sleep consultants. I am pregnant and will be contacting Tessa the moment the baby arrives; There is no way I will go back down that same path of exhaustion and frustration with baby number two." 

 -- Amelie and Asher 10.5 months old

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