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How to adjust my baby's sleep to daylight savings...

It's that time of year again—as the clocks prepare to change, are you one of the many parents dreading the impending chaos that Daylight Savings brings?

If you have worked hard to get establish a solid routine and the thought of loosing sleep feels like an unwelcome setback you just don't need, don't worry. I'm here to help teach you strategies to get through Daylight Savings with ease. So grab a coffee and let's tackle this together.

How to adjust baby's sleep to daylight savings ?

When formulating a plan to survive daylight savings my top tip is to follow the personality of your child. Abruptly shifting the schedule of a sensitive child could dramatically impact sleep. I educate my clients and members on 3 different ways to cope with daylight savings.

1) Do Nothing

Do nothing and see what happens. As you wake up the clocks will automatically have changed - just offer the naps, meals, milk and bedtime on the new clock time. This is a great option for adaptable children. Use these tips to help you all adjust quicker - READ THE BLOG HERE -

2) Change The Day Before

The day before the clocks change put baby to bed 30 minutes later. Adjust all milk, meals, naps by 30minutes. There are great tips to help make the transition smoother, here

3) Gradually Adjust

Every day in the lead up to Daylight savings, shift the schedule by 15minutes until you meet the clock change. This includes all meals, milk and naps. If you are looking for a step-by-step guide with days/times to map out what this looks like, I've got you - just click this link here -

Daylight Savings can sometimes feel like the last straw after a long journey of struggling with your baby's sleep. But try not to stress mamma. It is a bump in the road, and doesn't have to spell disaster for your sleep. Think of it as jet lag - stay consistent and baby will adjust to the new time within 2-7 days.

And if tackling it alone feels a bit overwhelming, come jump into The Gentle Sleep Tribe. This amazing membership community is here to support you every step of the way. And this month we are diving into Daylight Savings to make sure all our members get through it, unscathed. Are you ready for that kind of support? Come join us, we welcome you with open arms. Find out more here ⬇️

Sleep deprivation is torture. Tessa Gow is a midwife and certified sleep consultant working with families across the globe. She offers nurturing methods with lasting results. Let her be the support and guidance you need to get through this. On the other side of a consultation with Enhance Sleep is rested, functioning families. Take the first step towards healthy sleep by contacting me today.


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