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Baby sleep and daylight savings... what can you do to prepare??

Is it that time already? Daylight savings can throw a curveball into our well-established sleep routines, leaving many parents feeling a bit nervous as it approaches. Whether you're in the camp of "Oh no, here comes a sleep disruption!" or simply scratching your head at the concept of daylight what, it's important to understand how this time change can impact your little one's sleep.

No matter where you are at we need to chat about daylight savings and the impact it could have on your little ones sleep.

Will daylight savings affect your baby’s sleep?

I would be lying if I didn't say yes to this question! Most parents will tell you their children’s sleep changes slightly with the clock change, but it doesn't have to spell disaster for your sleep.

Let's dive into why the clock change can shake things up and how we can survive it with a simple plan...

Why does daylight savings affect baby’s sleep?

At a set time each year the Southern Hemisphere clocks change but our internal body clock does not automatically adjust to meet the new time on the clock. Think of it like jet lag after an international flight. This misalignment can leave both parents and babies feeling a bit out of sync, especially when it comes to sleep.

How long will it take for baby to adjust to daylight savings?

Every baby is different but most children will fall back into their schedule within 2 -7 days.

How does daylight savings affect baby’s sleep?

Here in Australia our clocks FALL backwards by 1 hour in April. Our mornings get darker, winter is approaching and we are gifted with an extra hour in bed. If only the kids got the memo and enjoyed that lie in!

Watch out, those early rising kids may suddenly be waking CRAZY early! If you are struggling with this, I highly recommend following a gradual adjustment (see below).

In October the clocks SPRING forwards by 1 hour. If you are like me and love those warm, sunny mornings you might not mind this one so much! Many parents find this clock change the easier one to cope with.


So how do we prepare your baby for daylight savings?

Everything is easier with a plan.. here are my top tips to guide you through the clock change and keep your family sleeping!


Do nothing and see what happens. As you wake up the clocks will automatically have changed - just offer the naps, meals, milk and bedtime on the new clock time. This is a great option for adaptable children


The day before the clocks change put baby to bed 30 minutes later. Adjust all milk, meals, naps by 30minutes.


If you have a more sensitive child or a parent who loves a plan, this one's for you! In the days in the lead up to Daylight Savings, shift the schedule by 15minutes until you meet the clock change. This includes all meals, milk and naps. Want a step-by-step guide for gradually adjusting, click below ⬇️



No matter which option you follow there are a few tips that could help your baby adjust better to the clock change

Stick to your routines

- a short, sweet and simple bedtime routine is more important than ever. It is a cue to your baby bedtime is nearing and it can make a child more ready to relax and sleep well.

Sunlights helps baby adjust to the new routine quicker

Exposure to natural sunlight in the morning and late afternoon can help regulate your baby's internal clock, making your transition smoother.

Darkness at night matters during the clock change

Blackout blinds are a great investment whilst baby adjusts to the new time. Use tin foil, cardboard or dark coloured sheets to stop the light creeping in hindering your progress with sleep.

By proactively preparing for the upcoming daylight savings transition, you can help your baby adjust with minimal disruption to their sleep routine. Remember, patience and consistency are your friends during this time of change. If you're feeling overwhelmed, know that you're not alone—I'm here to help you navigate this journey with confidence and ease.

Try not to stress mamma. This is just a short bump in the road, not a long term disaster for sleep. If it feels like the final straw in your sleep issues book a FREE 15minute call with Tessa


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