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How to drop a nap

Have things been going great with your little one's sleep then all of a sudden WOW sleep unravels and you can't seem to fix it?! Sudden onset sleep disruptions could signal baby is ready for more awake time and dropping a nap could be the solution. Don't worry we are here to reduce that feeling of overwhelm and ease your sleep issues.

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Nap transitions can be a nervous time for any parent. Those naps are mammas moment to get some peace and put her feet up. Fear not, Enhance Sleep is here to make a smooth transition.


As your child gets older they can cope with more awake time and less nap totals. This is not an exact science. Remember ever child is different and these are just guidelines for when most children drop naps.

Irregular Newborn Naps to 3 naps usually happens by 6months

3 naps to 2 naps happens by 9 months

2 naps to 1 nap happens around 15-18months

1 nap to no nap happens 2.5-3.5 years of age


Sleep can feel a little chaotic around the time of a nap transition. On their own, these signs are trivial. If you are seeing any of these signs on a regular occasion or two or more of them together it may be time to drop a nap.

Inability to settle

Taking shorter naps

Bedtime is pushing out too late

Night waking

Early rising


After noticing a few of the warning signs it may be tempting to remove the nap immediately. Your baby is unlikely to cope or like that! The way to an easy nap transition is to take it slowly and understand this is called a transition for a reason... not every day will look the same and that is ok.

You can chose to follow a gradual, natural transition where you follow baby's cues and sleep needs. This can take 4-6 weeks for baby to adjust but is a calmer, slower process.

Enhance sleep favours a more intentional transition process.

- wake baby to shorten the nap your intend to drop.

- increase time between naps

- over 2-7 days drop the nap

- offer an earlier bedtime to compensate for the change in schedule

Nap transitions can take a few weeks to adjust to. Give yourself grace during this time and be flexible. If today was hard, know tomorrow is a new day and a chance to try again on the new nap schedule. If you are lost in the depths of sleep deprivation and need a little clarity how to creep your way back to healthier sleep Enhance Sleep is here for you.

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Sleep deprivation is torture. Tessa Gow is a midwife and certified sleep consultant working with families across the globe. She offers nurturing methods with lasting results. Let her be the support and guidance you need to get through this. On the other side of a consultation with Enhance Sleep is rested, functioning families. Take the first step towards healthy sleep by contacting me today.


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