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Why does my baby catnap?

Is your baby taking short naps?

Are you exhausted and frustrated and have no idea why it's happening?

Let me help clarify the reasons your baby could be taking short naps.

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Do you know your child's age appropriate wake windows? Too long between naps, especially after a cat nap can mean baby is harder to settle and wakes unhappy from a short nap. Your baby may be very upset and resistant to any attempts at resettling. To improve this reduce your awake time by 10-15minutes to find their sweet spot for a long, restorative nap.


Do you know your child's age appropriate wake windows? A baby who goes down too early will often fall asleep easily, take a short nap and wake happy. If this is you try stretching the wake window by 10-15minutes to find their sweet spot. Also consider the amount of activity and stimulation. Not enough and baby won't have built enough pressure to take a good nap. Fresh air does amazing things for sleep (and us mammas too).


Newborns (age 0-4months) are great little catnappers. Try to reduce your stress by offering more naps, using naps on the go/in a carrier and asking others for help to give you a break. After 5-6months short naps are normal in the last naps of the day but if they occur throughout the day it could signal issues worth correcting. When your child goes through an exciting developmental milestone such as rolling, crawling etc they can practice all day long, even in their sleep! Know it is just a phase and you can lessen the impact by practicing their new skill in their awake time.


Children thrive in predictable routines. Morning wakes, naps, milk and meals all happening around the same time can make for longer, more predictable naps. Don't be scared of a routine. Many parents cringe at the mention of the word and fear restrictive, housebound lives. On the contrary, routines allow you to plan and get out amongst the predictability of their naps.


A dark, safe and warm environment is needed for optimal sleep. When your baby wakes between sleep cycles you want to ensure there is nothing that could distract them from going back to sleep. FOMO (fear of missing out) is real, especially in those 7-10month olds! Take away all the distractions, darken the room and offer white noise for the entirety of the sleep.

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