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Confessions of a Sleep-Deprived Mum: My Journey to Sleep and Sanity

For nearly a year, I struggled with sleepless nights, battling exhaustion, fighting resentment to everyone including my baby. I was questioning my abilities as a mum. The weight of conflicting advice and the constant demands of parenthood often left me feeling defeated. But amidst the chaos, I reached out for help, it got me sleep and sanity. I will never forget that moment. Today, I want to share my journey with you – a journey that proves sleep is possible, even for the most tired and overwhelmed mum.

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Confession #1: Endless Nights of Exhaustion

There were nights when I felt like a walking zombie, surviving on mere fragments of sleep. I once remember waking 15 times, and wondering if I had ever actually slept!? Every day I struggled through each day, fuelled by caffeine, but I knew needed something to change. I was utterly drained, physically and emotionally, unable to fully enjoy motherhood.

Confession #2: Drowning in Conflicting Advice

As a sleep-deprived mum, I was bombarded with conflicting advice from well-meaning friends, family, and countless online sources. Every strategy seemed promising, yet none provided the relief I desperately sought. It was overwhelming and disheartening, making me question if I would ever find a solution that worked.

Confession #3: The Breaking Point

I reached my breaking point. I was angry, at myself, my husband, my baby. I couldn’t keep going like this and I knew it. My ability to parent hinged on one thing – sleep. It was time to cut through the noise and seek expert advice to navigate these relentless sleep struggles

Confession #4: The Journey to Sleep and Sanity

I embarked on a journey that transformed our sleep. It wasn't an overnight fix, but with the right tools, strategies, and support of my mum (thank god for you mum!), I witnessed incredible changes. In less than a week, we were sleeping! And I felt amazing.

Confession #5: Empowered by Sleep

I was no longer defined by exhaustion. I was sleeping, and suddenly enjoying more aspects of my life. Returning to work as a midwife now seemed possible. I regained my sanity, my patience, and my ability to truly enjoy the magical moments of motherhood. And I want you to experience this transformation too.

You don’t have to feel trapped in an endless cycle of sleep deprivation?

The first step towards better sleep is simple; book a free call. Find out how my 20+ years experience as a midwife and sleep consultant could help your family sleep.

It's time to reclaim your sleep and your sanity. Book your free call today.

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