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Breaking the Feed-to-Sleep Cycle: Gentle Techniques for Tired Mums

Being a mum is a tough job, and it can be especially challenging when your baby relies on you for sleep. I understand how you might feel touched out, growing tired of constant breastfeeding, and trapped by every nap and sleep time. If this sounds familiar, know that you're not alone. I'm here to offer gentle techniques to transition your baby off the breast and into more independent sleep. Are you ready to share the load of settling at nap and bedtime?

Why Feeding to Sleep Works So Well:

From the moment they're born, babies have a natural inclination to suck. Feeding is incredibly comforting for them. Many families naturally fall into the habit of feeding their baby to sleep because, it works!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, over time, feeding to sleep can feel unsustainable, with families struggling to know how to settle baby without the feed.

If you have lost how to settle your baby without feeding to sleep, keep reading, we have the answer.

Practical Steps To Stop Feeding To Sleep:

Here are some practical steps to help you transition away from feeding your baby to sleep, making the process calmer and more manageable for both you and your little one:

Step #1 Create a Calming Routine Around Sleep:

  • Feeding to sleep helps your baby move from stimulated and active to still and calming. Replace this with a short 10-15 minute wind-down routine before every nap and a 20-30 minute bedtime routine. These simple, calming, and predictable routines signal to your baby that it's time to relax and prepare for sleep.

Step #2 Feed at the Start of Your Routine:

  • A feed-play-sleep routine is a great habit to follow, but it doesn't work for everyone. A great start point is to bring the feed 30 minutes earlier in your sleep routine. Feeding before baby gets tired often leads to a fuller, more active feed.

Step #3 Introduce New Settling Techniques:

  • There are many gentle ways to help your baby fall asleep without relying on feeding. Try rocking, patting, or gentle shushing for the first 3 nights. Your baby will gradually forget the feed-to-sleep habit and build trust in these new settling techniques. Over time, you can wean your baby off these techniques as well.

By creating calming, consistent sleep routines, feeding early in the routines, and introducing new settling techniques, you can help your baby learn to sleep without relying on breastfeeding.

Remember to be kind to yourself and your baby during this process, and trust that with time and patience, you'll both get the sleep you need.

Ready for More Support? Book a FREE Call:

If you need personalised support, I'm here to help. Book a free call with me, and together, we'll formulate a plan that stops feeding to sleep in a way that feels right.

Need a little more guidance to help make sleep happen?

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