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What is the EASY sleep routine??

I often get asked what is the EASY routine and does it work?

A very famous UK baby sleep whisperer Tracy Hogg developed an easy to follow routine for a new mama to follow. There are 4 simple steps that add rhythm to your day.





The EASY routine tries to prioritise feeding away from sleep and ensures the mother prioritises herself every day.

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Yes! It is a great routine. But it is not for everyone. some babies just don't want to feed when they wake.


Any routine that offers some consistency to your day should help both you and baby. This pattern of events becomes a predictor to baby - they learn that sleep comes less. Often that can mean less battles, more sleep and better nights! Sounds good?! Getting into great habits early on is a fabulous way to enhance your sleep without ever needing to formally sleep train. Let's run through a couple of pro's/con's to help you decide if this is the right choice for you.


✅ Adds structure to your day

✅ Children thrive in predictable routines (mamas too!)

✅ Great for mums who aren't sure what a baby's routine should look like

✅ Gentle and easy to implement in the early weeks

✅ You learn to read your baby's tired signs and respond accordingly.

✅ Encourages full, active feeds with a space of 2-3 hours between feeds.

✅ There is a strong focus on mum. That you time is often the first thing to be overlooked when a baby stops sleeping. Then, more than ever, do mums need time out.


❎ Not every baby wants to feed upon waking

❎ I commonly hear feed, play FEED sleep creeps in.. which just means more work for you mamma.

❎ I hear lots of mammas getting MORE stressed because baby isnt fitting into this routine

❎ Many mums found it hard to know how strictly to follow - do you let baby sleep longer or stick to the routine.

❎ It can be hard to follow if your baby wakes early for naps. I often see a day derailing because of one short nap.

Sleep can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. There is a LOT of information out there and can easily make you feel overwhelmed. If you want to cut through the noise and have a science based approach to sleep that actually WORKS, Enhance Sleep is here for you. We offer a variety of support options from downloadable guides to one-on-one consultations. Find out more here

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