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The 12 month sleep regression.... is it a thing?

Toddler sleep consultant, child turns one year old

Twelve months is a challenging age. Your little one suddenly has a greater awareness of the world around them. They now understand cause and affect (they cry; you come) and like to use it! They may be walking, cruising or climbing. There is also a peak in separation anxiety at this age. Add to this a few teeth and a total FOMO (fear of missing out) and say hello to your 12 month sleep regression!!

Tessa is a gentle sleep specialist. Supporting your parenting choices to work with you in a nurturing way. Trust the vast experience of a midwife, certified sleep consultant and mum of 2 to support your tired family on the path to sleep success.

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Sleep deprivation is torture. Tessa Gow is a midwife and certified sleep consultant working with families across the globe. She offers nurturing methods with lasting results. Let her be the support and guidance you need to get through this. On the other side of a consultation with Enhance Sleep is rested, functioning families. Take the first step towards healthy sleep by contacting me today.


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