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Feed, Sleep, Thrive

The Newborn Sleep Programme every new parent needs. 20+ years midwifery experience  in one easy to follow course. 

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Your newborn can sleep well,
you just need the right advice

Life with a newborn can feel chaotic at times. Tap into my years of expertise as a midwife to enjoy a calmer and more confident start to parenthood.

Will This Course Actually Help?

If you are looking for healthy sleep, from the moment you bring baby home... Then yes! 

Short, easy to watch videos

Gentle, responsive advice

Designed to help you sleep well from day 1

Feel confident as a new parent

You've mastered birth classes, and now it's time to help you understand newborn sleep. Say hello to the Midwife-written manual, making it possible to sleep soundly from day one. You deserve to thrive in the newborn stage, not just survive.
Please note this is not sleep training or any form of cry-it-out]

What you will learn

Midwife-led online classes

How to calm a crying newborn

Feeding tips from a midwife of 20+ years

Understanding wake windows, tired signs and routines

Setting up a nursery that helps baby sleep better

How to improve naps and get longer stretches of sleep overnight

Gentle Settling

“Bringing Ellie home was overwhelming, and my anxiety was through the roof. Your newborn guide provided the clarity I desperately needed. It felt like having a lifeline. With your help, we're both sleeping better, my anxiety is fading, and life is looking up ”

Kayley and Ellie, 2023

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Still Not Sure?

Making changes to sleep can feel hard, but with my Newborn Sleep Guide it is easy. Sleep deprivation can impact so much but you need to be ready to get more sleep. 

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